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Sidney Williams, Jr. (Mary Bynum)


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Bynum-Garig Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund was kicked off at the 2009 family reunion.  We raised $124.00 in our first fund-raising effort ($119.50 with the 50/50 raffle + $4.50 in donations).  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship committee, please contact Cheryl Wooten at cww0820@bynum-garig.com.  Put on your thinking caps and help suggest ways we can increase the fund to help our students.


Family Beginnings


The Bynum Ancestry

The Bynum family’s genealogical research is in progress. The family line has been traced back to the birth of our great-great grandfather, Miles Bynum, Sr. (b. 1810). A complete review of our genealogy will be presented at the family reunion banquet on September 5, 2009.

Charles "Manny" Bynum

Charles Bynum (b. 1877) , nicknamed “Manny” was the eldest child of 14 children born to Charles Ed Bynum (b. 1844) and Rebecca Gibson (b. 1855). He was married to Mary Garig (b. 1889).  The upcoming reunion in September, 2009, is a gathering of the descendents of their eight children: Edna Bynum Spriggs (b. 1910), Elmon Bynum, Sr., (b. 1912), Thaddeus Bynum, Sr., (b. 1915), Houston Bynum (b. 1917), Ethel Bynum Stallard (b. 1919), Blanche Bynum (b. 1921), Charles Bynum, Sr., (b. 1924), Mary Bynum Williams (b. 1925), and Rebecca Bynum Crockett (b. 1929).

Mary Garig

Mary Garig (b. 1891) was the second child born to Octave Garig (b. 1869) and Martha Jameson (b. 1871).  Martha Jameson had a twin sister, Mary.


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First Family Reunion

September 4-6, 2009 in Brusly, Louisiana.


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