Blanche Bynum

b. 15 Nov 1921


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Bynum-Garig Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund was kicked off at the 2009 family reunion.  We raised $124.00 in our first fund-raising effort ($119.50 with the 50/50 raffle + $4.50 in donations).  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship committee, please contact Cheryl Wooten at  Put on your thinking caps and help suggest ways we can increase the fund to help our students.


elmonBLANCHE BYNUM, a.k.a. “Mamma Blanche.” When we were children, our mother used to get up very early in the morning to make sure there was something cooked before she went to cut sugarcane all day. When she came home in the evening, she would wash clothes on the old wash board and cook supper at the same time. I remember seeing my mother's fingers bleed while washing clothes, but she never complained. She did very well raising us. She used to make biscuit bread, whenever she cooked white beans. We lived across the street from one of her sisters (Aunt Doll). When the biscuits were done, Mother would send some over there or one of our cousins would come get some.

There are so many fond memories of our mother. We look at life today and wonder how our parents had so many kids (17 to be exact), and we never went hungry and always had clean clothes to wear. I remember when I, Wayne, was in high school and when I would come home from a game, mother would say, "Who win the game?" and I would say, "It's who won the game." Mother would say, "That's why I send you to school; now who win the game?"

We loved our mother and we know she loved us. I wish she was still here. I know they'll all be at the "family re-union.”

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