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b. 1912


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The scholarship fund was kicked off at the 2009 family reunion.  We raised $124.00 in our first fund-raising effort ($119.50 with the 50/50 raffle + $4.50 in donations).  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship committee, please contact Cheryl Wooten at cww0820@bynum-garig.com.  Put on your thinking caps and help suggest ways we can increase the fund to help our students.


ELMON BYNUM, known to all as “Buddy Jack, or “Buddy” and as “Paw-Paw” to his grandchildren, was born April 15, 1912 in Brusly, LA. He was the second of nine children born to Charles and Mary G. Bynum. At an early age, ELMON accepted Christ as his Savior and was baptized at the Antioch Baptist Church by the late Rev. Luke Billups, Jr. There he served faithfully as an usher up until his health began to fail and ultimately his death.

In life, Elmon worked in the sugarcane fields and was also employed at the Cinclare Plantation in Brusly, LA and with Dow Chemical in Plaquemine, LA.

Elmon was united in holy matrimony to the former Clara Johnson. To this union, eleven (11) children were born: Betty (died in infancy, Mary (died in infancy, Jacqueline Mae, Elmon Alex, Jr., Lawrence Charles, Ethel Marie, Martha Ann, Jessie Gene, Barbara Lynnette, Geraldine, and Daniel Theodore (died from dehydration in infancy. ELMON and Clara have fifteen (15) grandchildren and eighteen (18) great-grandchildren.

Elmon was a man who enjoyed life and enjoyed his family. Some of his favorite pastimes were hunting, fishing, camping, gardening, and playing with his children. To help him with his gardening, Elmon had a horse named Ada. He grew all kinds of food in his garden. He was also known to play softball and hide-and-seek with his children. He was also a member of the Laboring Brothers Society, M.W. Universal Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M., and the Rex & Tina (ET) Hunting Club. Elmon was known for his sharp shooting and shooting off his mouth as well. To him, everyone was a "&^%$#@" if you had gotten out of line with him. Elmon really loved sugar. His recipe for the perfect cup of coffee was one ounce of coffee to one pound of sugar!

Elmon loved to watch television. Some of his favorite things to watch were, wrestling, and baseball. Elmon was so into what he was watching that he would fall to sleep, but if someone were to turn the TV off, he’d wake up and tell them that he was watching that. Often times, he would be challenged by being asked what was going on, especially during baseball games, Elmo would be able to tell what inning the game was in, who was at bat, who was on first base, etc. In short, Elmon was able to watch TV in his sleep.

Elmon had a special relationship with two of his daughters, Jacqueline (Jackie) and Martha, especially with Jackie. There were times when he would walk right past them as the two of them were sitting outside, and he would wait until he got inside of the house, got to the window, and then spoke to them. Now, his relationship with his daughter, Jackie, was one that no one would really understand, except for Martha. ELMON and Jackie were known to cuss one another out and talk about each other like they weren’t related! That was just the way they got along, and no one had better interfere, or else they’d get cussed out too!

Elmon was a very resourceful man. Once he broke his false teeth, and his children told him to go to the dentist to get them fixed. Being as resourceful as he was, he told his children (and any other naysayers), “Why, when I can fix them myself!?” And that’s just what he did. He took his time and filed them down, put some glue on them, and put them back together. No one really knew that he had false teeth after he fixed them.

On October 5, 1989, Elmon was called from his earthly home to his eternal one. It will be 20 years this year since God changed his address, and he is still greatly missed.

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