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b. 12 Apr 1915


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The scholarship fund was kicked off at the 2009 family reunion.  We raised $124.00 in our first fund-raising effort ($119.50 with the 50/50 raffle + $4.50 in donations).  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship committee, please contact Cheryl Wooten at  Put on your thinking caps and help suggest ways we can increase the fund to help our students.


THADDEUS BYNUM, SR., a.k.a. "Saia" or "Pepper," was born in Brusly, LA., on April 12, 1915.  He entered the Armed Services in 1943 and retired in 1965 serving in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.  After retirement from the Air Force he worked for the Veterans Administration (1 yr) and Civil Service 17 years retiring again in 1984.   

He married Esther Floyd in 1946 which produced four children; two daughters Gloria Dean Younginer, Jo Ann McKnight, and two sons Thaddeus Bynum, Jr. and Larry Jerome Bynum.  Grandchildren: Danielle Barr, Gregory Barrington McKnight, II (Barry); Victoria Lynn Younginer (Vicki), Jacob McArthur Younginer, Jr. (Craig), and Carlus Bynum. There are 5 Great grandchildren: Christopher Bynum, Sirhara Barr (deceased), DeShant Cooper, Remington Alexander McKnight (Remy), Antoinette Cooper (Toni).   

He definitely was considered “a year round Santa Claus” by his grandchildren…if they asked for it, they got it.  If they couldn’t decide what flavor ice cream, then they got 2 flavors, if they wanted something they didn’t think the parents would get for them---straight to Papa!  He even had a sign on his bar. ”If I had known how much fun grandkids would be, I’d had them first." 

He spent his early retirement years enjoying his grandchildren and 2 great- grands, Sirhara and Chris… He was always hands- on with all of us, helping with math homework, he coached little league baseball, and of course, taught us card games, solitaire, whist, casino, tonk.  He could play a mean game of checkers also!!!  Always an avid sports fan, he loved his St Louis Cardinals baseball team and the Denver Broncos Football Team. 

Dad was also a handy man. He was always tinkering with some small appliance or a car.  He knew a little about everything.  We all called upon him, even the neighbors for help with various projects, from automobiles to ceiling fans, toasters, you name it!  

Larry remembers a story when he was holding a light for him while working on a car, when Dad asked him if he could see whatever it was he was working on and Larry said,” yeah, I see it man” then Dad started with the &#@%*! “Then hold the damn light on it so I can see it too.”  He was proud of the fact that he’d quit smoking.  During a football game he had asked Larry to go get him a pack of cigarettes, when Larry said “you can’t even go five minutes without a cigarette”, he took the challenge and carried around the few left in his pack for a couple of weeks.  He never smoked again. 

Dad was an avid gardener also, he had a vegetable garden in the back yard, and another one in JoAnn’s back yard, not to mention Mom’s colorful flowers he had to plant and tend... 

Mom’s health failed in the late eighties and he took wonderful care of her for more than 7 years while she was on kidney dialysis.  He had to bathe her, comb her hair, dress her, and drive her to dialysis 3 times a week.  He prepared all of her meals and served her, counted out her medicines into the daily dispensers, did the laundry, housecleaning, shopping, and entertaining her.  This was remarkable since he was advancing in age. Mother passed away in February, 1995, and he was 80 years old then.  He was lost without her; we all tried to be more attentive, and talked him into going for a physical.  He loved to brag that he didn’t need any “sawbones”, that he hadn’t seen a doctor in twenty years.  When he did go, he was diagnosed with an advanced stage of prostate cancer in June, 1996, he went downhill very quickly and died on August 7, 1996. 

The four of us will always remember the wonderful stories he told, as I am sure many of you will, the sacrifices he made and the wonderful way he took care of us.  But we knew he was where he wanted to be, with Mom again.

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