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b. 27 Jan 1929


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Bynum-Garig Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund was kicked off at the 2009 family reunion.  We raised $124.00 in our first fund-raising effort ($119.50 with the 50/50 raffle + $4.50 in donations).  If you are interested in serving on the Scholarship committee, please contact Cheryl Wooten at  Put on your thinking caps and help suggest ways we can increase the fund to help our students.


REBECCA BYNUM, a.k.a. "Beck"...One unique thing about Rebecca is that she has two birthdays and expects everyone to remember both.  (When she was growing up, when mother told her that she was born on January 24th, but later when she received her birth certificate, it said that she was born on January 29th.  she says she believes what her mom said, not that piece of paper.)  She is affectionately called by several names, "Beck" and "Aunt Beck" by family and friends.  She is known as "Gram" by her great-grandchildren.


She was married to the late Milton Crockett.  She was the mother of the late Barbara Ann Bynum.  She has two grandsons, Terry (Carmelia) Bynum and Stanford (Rosetta) Bynum; three great-grandchildren, (Stan, Jr., Kristina, and Spencer Bynum). 


She is known for cooking and decorating.  her sweet potato pies are to die for.  She also makes a mean gumbo that is finger-licking good.  You can always find her making a centerpiece for the table and other decorations during the holidays. 


She is also know for changing people's names.  She will, in her own little way, change someone's name.  Her favorite thing is, when you ask her a question, the first response is "Huh?"  Then she answers the question.   Rebecca loves to shop (Yes! that is correct; your eyes are not messing up!!) and hit up all the hot spots on Saturdays.  She even closed the Mall at Cortana one Saturday, and was not ready to leave even though the stores were closing.  (She is something else!!) 


Around town, she is know as Mrs. Crockett, and she has her own personal chauffer, Carmelia.  There is no telling where they may not be. 


She enjoys going to the movies as well as watching them on television, especially if they make her laugh.  This is one of her favorite pastimes with the great-grandchildren.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is a fan of the soap operas.  If you happen to miss the Bold and the Beautiful or The Young and the Restless, just give her a call and she will fill you in. 


Of all the things you've read, remember this, Rebecca loves the Lord and give thanks to him everyday for all He has done, and she will always tell you "the Lord has been good to me."


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